aedos If the universe is a simulation — here is its chat window

a social space designed humane way

ædos is a social space designed in a humane way.

How unique your taste is?

Start with the book, the movie, and music that you rated 10/10.

You might think that it's not enough information to describe you, sounds fair.
But do you know anyone with an exact match, though? Think about it.

We use AI to find
what is close to it

Those three points will be your coordinates,
like X, Y, and Z in The Universe of Taste.

Here is your ædos —
fingerprint of the taste

That is your main screen. And it is truly unique.
Like no one in the world has the same.

Now you're in a bar full of potential soulmates

In fact, you're just at the right table,
but there is only one bar.

So if you want to chat with someone with
different taste, you can !shout or "whisper

Something is coming, would you like to be the first one to try it out?

Beta coming soon ✉️